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What's GBV

GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE is any kind or form of humiliation, torture or abuse of a human on basis of his/her gender.

GBV in Numbers

1 %
age 15-19 years

Teenage in Kenya that face both Physical and Sexual acts of violence

1 %
age 40-49

The figure of adults that suffer both sexual and physical acts of violence

GBV in women

Globally, one-in-three women have experienced violence.

What People Say About GBV

Silvester Juma -Medic

GBV is a threat to the daily life of vulnerable men, women and children. It should be condemned with the strongest words possible. As a medic, am open to helping post-GBV victims as far as their health is concerned.

Sharon Makenzi- Woman Rights Activist

As a woman, I stand to speak out on prevalent violence targeting us because of our gender. We deserve to live in a conducive society too. END GBV NOW!

Azaym Mohammed-Mental Health Advocate

Growing up in an FGM practicing community has always been a challenge but I am happy; brilliant forces stood up to curb such malpractices to women and young girls at large. I say no to FGM, no GBV

The 16 Day GBV Calender Plan

Message From Founder

There can be no dignity, freedom and justice when health is not for all people. Better, accessible and unlimited health service provision is a fundamental right to all people.

Gender based violence is already a violation of human rights hence should be absolutely abolished. I stand to say NO to GBV!!


Founder- AfyaFitness20 Healthcare


The Plan Beyond Bias

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