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Afya Mashinani

2023 dedication to improve healthcare access and provision to vulnerable in terms of medical, health, lifestyle and mental wellness through advocacy, awareness and outreach.

Why AfyaMashinani

We realized a lot has to be done in the community as part of giving back to it as we reach out to deep down the upcountry areas where acess to health information and services still remains an issue.

Mashinani doesn’t entirely mean that its rural thing. 

We are simply advocating for healthcare access to Vulnerable- People who are considered least of getting such health, lifestyle and mental wellness attention.

Our Dedication to Improve Healthcare Access in Society to Vulnerable
Bring the quality and prompt healthcare provision to remote areas.
Reproductive Health: Teen pregnancies, Menstrual hygiene and support
Drug and Substance Abuse: Teenage alcohol and bhang abuse 
Gender Based Violence sensitization and awareness: Rape, defilements, sexual & Intimate partner violences
School motivation talks, health talks and blood donation drives including Children Homes
Mental Health Wellness: depression, stress and suicides in the society
Medical Attentions thay may even require Basic Life Support ie First Aid etc
Outreach with FREE testing on chronic illness like Blood Pressure and Diabetes, to those who can’t afford routine hospital rates.

We Care, We Listen, We Help. Service to Humanity is Limitless

Afya Mashinani


We care for the sick and elderly.

One of our healthcare provision to the people in the community. Watching over her health from 2-month sick bed, to slow promising progression until walking on feet again. Intervention right from conducting laboratory tests, diagnosis, treatments, nutritional monitoring and psychological support

For the elderly, AfyaMashinani by AfyaFitness20 Healthcare Initiative seeks to continue facilitating, advocating for basic health outreaches in response to chronic illness like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis etc.

“At Alungoli Primary For Std. 8 Health Talk and Academic #mentorship. It was nice empowering our young brothers and sisters with health information and relevant tips of #academics excellence. The 2hr session saw pupils engagement on:
1. Drug & Substance abuse
3. Gender based Violence: #defilement and Rape cases management and action taking. 4.Mental health awareness and sensitization
5.General Health
6. Pro-tips to academics excellence with first class focus sharpening and #motivation

This also saw awards to best recognition: Top performing pupils, those who actively participated and anwered questions and other criteria. All the best champions. Its my dream to see you succeed.”- ISAAC OGUTU



Impacting school children with health talks to improve and emphasize on sanitation and health empowerment:

Some of our focal points are: 
-Reproductive health inc teen pregnancies
-Menstrual Hygiene
-Drug and Substance Abuse
-Gender Based Violence : Rape, Defilement.

-Mental Health Awareness:Stress, Depression & Suicides


Advocating for fast healthcare access, provision and attention in times of need.

Some of our focal points are:

-Emergencies that may need First Aid
-Point of Care services: Blood sugar and Pressure testing.
-Blood donation drives to save lives
-Advocacy and Awareness on GBV: Rape, defilement, partner violence, drug abuse etc


Engaging in research about vital information and dispensing the same to people for free.(Especially to those that cant pay for professional ones, Or cannot physically get in touch with us)

As of this, were do offer:
-Free consultations
-Guiding and counselling to mental health, health and lifestyle issues.
-Link connection to otherwise referral cases on behalf of people.
-Awareness on current affairs that are of health concern i.e Antimicrobial resistances, disease outbreaks etc.


We shall continue advocating for essential health services provisions and access. For this case, I invite organisations, initiates, companies, associations and agencies that have a common goal to have a collaboration or otherwise a partnership.

This will offer a wide and robust goal achievement, objective realization and the mission o help the vulnerable. I also wish that this year we shall be more of:

-Medical outreaches and camps targeting sanitation, chronic illness like blood pressure, diabetes, eye checkups etc.
-School health talks and advocacy including our visits to children homes
-Support to the school children by holding Menstrual hygiene “pad” drives, feeding programmes and team building.
-Support Standard Development goals, promote universal health coverage and the Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Support Afya Mashinani

If it touches you to the moves we are making to help the society, which could even be achieved greatly with financial support thereby reaching our and impacting the maximum number of people as possible.

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